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Outreach Services Clinic specializes in Opiate Addiction Treatment. This Clinic was formally known as the Victoria Methadone Clinic and had operated for over 20 years in Fernwood area of Victoria. Doing business as Outreach Services Clinic, it was the first clinic in Victoria to provide opiate replacement therapy  combined with counselling services. Now located at 603 Gorge Road East, Outreach Services Clinic continues to offer many services to patients who are suffering with opioid addiction and mental health issues. 


We are Welcoming!

We strive to offer you a safe and comforable community enviroment. We aim to take care of you and your individual needs for your own journey in your recovery. As you are an unique person, your own care plan will be  individualized to what you need and to what will work for you! We encourage  self referral , so take the steps to walk in our door to our welcoming space, or just simply give us a call! All services are absolutely confidential. 


Make the choice!

Once you make the choice for wanting help, the first step is yours! Just come on in, and we can begin getting through the next steps together. Our goal is to start your addiction treatment the same day, though due to doctor availability, sometimes this is not always achieved. In such cases, you may be given an appointment for the next immediate start time for Opiate Replacement Treatment. Hang in there!  You can also begin to take advantage of the clinics services. Meet or visit with our Clinic Counselor or get some peer support from our Outreach worker.  

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Outreach Services Clinic

603 Gorge Rd E, Victoria, British Columbia V8T 2W7, Canada

250-480-1232 or toll free 1-877-480-1232

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